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my try at a lion logo.


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does this look better? i think that by adding an eye, it doesnt look like hes yawning, and more like he's roaring.

i think if i were to make a concept team with this logo, they would be called the "Roar".

what should i do?


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First of all, try to avoid using strokes. Outline those strokes if necessary, and then modify points.

Secondly, use colour where the light will hit the lion. This is not about outlining a lion and colouring him in, its about giving him texture and depth.

Third, if your detail lines need to be that thin, you don't need that much detail.

Fourth, don't tie yourself to a photo. Photographs often have subtleties that don't look good in a logo, and you'll be tempted to make the logo match the photo. For instance, look at the fangs, specifically the one at the top in the foregroujnd. What's wrong with it?

Using this kind of critical eye will help you improve your logos by yourself without relying purely on the suggestions of others.

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It's the bottom jaw that makes it look like the lion is yawning, when you yawn the bottom jaw will go back further like the way you are depicting it.

Have the jaw come out further, much like your Ray Lewis sig, he's giving out a roar...its right under your nose, the way you want it to look, use Ray Lewis' face as a template, work off it.

That's my 2 cents, hope it helps you some.

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