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Ottawa whites


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Those Swoosh jerseys are the most horrendous things to hit hockey uniforms since the Vancouver "V" jerseys...

Please just get rid of the 3-D centurion, and use the Alts as the base jersey. PLEASE! (i love the current Ottawa whites, i don't know why there is so much venom against those, they are very nice looking, so was their black version of them.)


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Well, that came out of nowhere!

I happen to like the Sens reds.  It's an incredibly unique look that fits with the Roman-esque theme the team is going with.  I love their white ones most though, it also puzzles me why people hate the white one a lot.

The problem with each of the three jerseys Ottawa has is that none of them look good when recolored.  (I was never a fan of the black jersey they used to have).  A white version of the black jersey they have now has potential, but only if the stripes are re-adjusted.

If they were to go with a single jersey theme, I'd take Binghamton's jerseys full-time.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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Watching ESPN Classic Canada the other day they showed a Leafs/Rangers playoff game at MSG in 1971 in which there were two huge brawls within 45 seconds of each other.

In both fights the goalies were pounding each other...  both bouts featured hall-of-famers, the young Bernie Parent vs. the veteran Eddie Giacomin, and then Giacomin took on 41-year-old legend Jacques Plante in the second fight...  Darryl Sittler vs. Brad Park, and so on.

Bernie Parent left the game when one of the Ranger players ripped off his mask and threw it into the crowd.

The benches and penalty boxes were emptyed during the second fight, everyone was involved.

Truly a classic, if you ever have the chance to watch it, that fight is worth it.

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I've seen clips from that melee.  Yes, quite entertaining.  My favorite, of course, is the classic 1972 brawl at the Spectrum wherein 4 members of the St. Louis Blues actually wound up spending the night in jail after the fisticuffs on the ice moved to the stands thanks to a Flyer fan's attempt to marinate Al Arbour.  That fight helped spurn my great hatred for the winged P and lucky for me I get to voice my disgust for them this evening - one of my old fraternity brothers invited me to see the game from his company's suite at the Savvis!
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