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Sports Tickets Stubs

Taylor R.

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I still have my ticket stub from the Raptors game against the Spurs a few years back where Lenny Wilkinson became the most losing coach in NBA history. My other stubs are pointless compared to that one. Well, I do have another from I think the first game the Cavs played in Toronto with King James where the Miss Universe that year was in attendance and she signed the back of the stub for me. I could post pics tomorrow if people would like.

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I got a good amount of em. I save all mine. (I get some from my parents)

Tigers vs. Diamondbacks in 2005

Indians vs. Marlins 1997 World Series--Rained Out

SB XXIV Broncos vs. 49ers

Cleveland Browns 1990

Reds Vs. Pirates 1990

A lot of misc. Indians and Browns Ticket stubs (Games that I've gone to)

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I don't keep them all (although my wife has all of them since we started dating, plus concerts). I do have every Phillies' home opener for 11 years straight (up until my senior year - pitched in my HS game that same day, broke my streak). There are a few I kept from UNC basketball and football games while I was there (all 4 years v. Duke, the Judgement Day football game loss v. Florida State), and the 76ers/Raptors Game 7 a few years ago. My pride and joy is from Game 6 of the 1993 NLCS, when I watched the Phillies clinch the pennant with my uncle.

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When my wife and I go to sporting events we have someone take a picture of us together at the venue in our jerseys, shirts, hats or whatever we happen to be wearing to the game. I then frame the picture and put the ticket in the frame with the picture and hang them in our "sports room".

We also have a lot of group shots with friends from road trips and bus trips, also framed with the stubs.....good memories of good times!

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i save all of my ticket stubs whether they're collectible or not.

Same here. Probably the "coolest" one I have is from Game 5 of the 1984 World Series. (The game where Kirk Gibson hit two homeruns) It's autographed on the back by Sparky Anderson.

I also have kept all my media credentials. My favorites are my pass from the 1995 NCAA basketball tournament first round in Albany and my Cleveland Browns affiliate day pass autographed by Hanford Dixon.

And I have a ton of old backstage passes from my days as a country DJ.

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And my pride and joy...


$175 :P

the good ol days

You want good old days? I have mine from Super Bowl VI and the face value is something like $25. :shocked:

I'll scan it and post it here when I get a chance.

P.S. Checked while home for lunch and I was wrong about the face value. It was $15 !!

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Some Bills Tix-The two on the right are this years


SCF '99-"Commerative ticket" and real ticket, I should not have used the flash but I am too lazy to take another. It is just a Ticketmaster logo with writing


First game at "Pilot Field" now Dunn Tire Park. Home of the Buffalo Bisons. My parents had season tickets for the first year but the week after they bought them my dad got switched to night shift so he could only got to a few games.


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