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Voting: legendary war 1


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Warning! You are now entering the WarZone! Proceed at your own risk!!

All the combatants are here and ready to see who comes out of this as the first Warlord!

I took Paynomind's advice and put the entries in 2 tiers. The first was for the entries that weren't a play on words basically, except for one because even though it was gimmicky, it was a great entry. The entries from the larger tier were put in a bowl and randomly drawn and placed in the tournament. The first drawn was the #1 seed and so on and so forth. Then, once they were done, the second tier was put in a bowl and drawn to fill out the rest of the tournament.  Some names were used by multiple entries, so I added a 1 or 2 to each.

Voting will go as follows: You will put in your post the winner of each game in order. You may post their seed if you wish instead of the whole name. Remember it is the whole concept-name, logo, location, and sponsor, not just the logo that counts.

Voting will end for the first round in 48 hours-12:30 est Jan 1.

Then I will post the next round in this thread. Here is the field. Some are copy and paste.

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Here are the Round 1 Victors:

Midwest Region

1 the Gateway Bowl over 16 the Cereal Bowl (1) 12-1

8 the Salad Bowl over 9 the Cheese Bowl 9-4

Northeast Region

2 the Freedom Bowl over 15 the Soup Bowl 12-1

10 the Empire Bowl (2) over 7 the Corn Bowl 9-4 Our only upset!

West Region

3 the Heart of America Bowl over 13 the Cereal Bowl (2) 13-0 A shutout

6 the Moving Bowl over 11 the Empire Bowl (1) 12-1

Southeast Region

4 the Kudzu Bowl over 13 the Ty D Bol with the shutout 13-0

5 the Razor Bowl over 12 the Bread Bowl 12-1

One round is in the books. Let's have a moment of silence for our fallen warriors.

For Rd. 2 I am moving the Southeast region in order to 2nd so that the correct seeding lines up for round 3 (1 vs. 4, 2 vs. 3 if the higher seed win). This tournament does not reseed round by round.

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