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My first attempts at American Football concepts


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Hi guys, I've started a little project just for fun - imagining that NBA teams were NFL teams and designing uniforms for them (taking influences from their basketball uniforms). I was wondering what you thought of them (bear in mind I only have MSPaint, and have not done any art or design since high school)?

Here are the two I have done so far:

Milwaukee Bucks


New Orleans Hornets


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Thanks for the comments everybody :)

Aragin66, they do look a bit similar now that you mention it. I'd not seen those Oakland jerseys before so I hadn't based the Hornets around them.

I based the sleeve stripes on the stripes down the sides of the Hornets NBA jerseys (but decided to have just one color flanking another, instead of all three colors side-by-side, so that it would look like a traditional sleeve stripe). Then since the stripe would look too thin on its own, I added a second to make it look similar in style to the current Bills alternate.

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With the Bucks, I would simplify the helmet logo, maybe just have the buck alone rather than the whole primary logo.

Yeah you could be right. My first idea was to do something with just the antlers - something similar to the horns on the Vikings helmets. But I couldn't really do it on Paint. Now I like the helmets with the whole Buck on them.

I have updated the Bucks set to include a helmet like you suggested:


I added some helmet stripes as it looked a bit bland with just the logo.

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Hi, I've had a go at putting just antlers on the helmets. Let me know what you think. I couldn't decide if they looked better pointing backwards (like the horns on the Vikings helmets do) or forwards (as they would look if the buck was attacking something) so I put both styles on.


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