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Spurs vs. Sonics from Sat.


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So I saw some highlights yesterday of the Spurs/Sonics game and I noticed that the Spurs were wearing a silver alt. jersey, and the Sonics were wearing those awful yellow alts (really makes for a horrible game to watch, not to mention it was a blowout). Have the Spurs worn these silver alts before? It seems like this is the first time I've seen them.

Here's the pic:


Again, looks awful on both sides.

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Disagree completely, the silver spurs uni reminds of me of George Gervin glory days. Nice, nice look, right down to the old diamond on the side of the shorts (the Bulls and the Spurs were the only teams to do this, I think).

And I don't mind the Sonics' yellow at all. Better than misfit red alt they had in their prior uni incarnation.

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