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This is just for fun, possibly a fantasy team logo, but any help on how to improve it would be appreciated:


Get some jaw bone seperation or make it a little more abstract. You have agreat start but the mane looks like it is running into the neck. flare it out a little bit.

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Okay, take 2. I'm currently working on some new eyes (eyes are not my strong point). I changed the outline to white because I think it brings it out more:


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As of now, there is no snout. Creating a longer one will really help this concept. Also, the bottom teeth have a much thinner outline than the rest of the outlines, which are thick and bold. With the eyes looking half closed, it looks sleepy, and not nearly as intimidating as it could.

I think the actual nose could be enlarged slightly, and just in general, some of the shapes could be simplified and cleaned up a bit.

Great start though, and I look forward to seeing your progress on this.

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Eyes too close together. Wrong shapes.

What are the lines coming out from the nose. Like some straps, or something.

White around front doesn't look like a tiger's. Look at a photo to re-adjust.

The shape juts upward past the jaw (right to left). Shouldn't do that.

The jagged shape at the left edge looks like a Christmas tree. Too straight. Get some arcs, curves in there.

We'll look forward to seeing it again soon.

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yes the eyes look kinda lifeless......but yes it's a good start

when i first saw it i thought it could be an update of colorado college's logo....


...but i like CC's logo just fine........it makes for one of the best uniforms in hockey:


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