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Pittsburgh Penguins concept


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All righty then.

It's been an awfully long time since I had a chance to post a concept in these parts. Having a newborn daughter can do that, it would seem.

Anyway, with the recent spate of Penguins/KC Scouts concepts hitting the boards here, there've been tons of Penguins concepts. While I was out in Pittsburgh visiting extended family, I noticed one of Pittsburgh's finest in their uniform. In keeping with one of the coolest traditions in any North American city, even the police wear black and gold. Moreover, their uniform hats have a band with checkerboard black and gold all the way around the cap. (IIRC, Chicago police also have a navy/white or black/white checkboard band on their hats). Anyway, I've always associated that pattern with Pittsburgh (watch Bruce Willis in "Striking Distance" if you don't believe me), and wondered what it would look like on a sports uniform. It really wouldn't work for the Pirates, and the Steelers' uniforms are damn near perfect (unique number font and all). So I tried my hand at the Pens. Look below, read on for the particulars.


- made [as always] with MSPaint (see kids? It can be done, and not done sloppily - all it takes is time and an attention to detail).

- thanks to mac2 for the sweater template

- the colors are taken directly from the Stanley Cup teams of the early 1990s (athletic gold > Vegas gold)

- CREST: the current logo is used as the crest... but the scarf has made a triumphant return! (Can't have the little fella getting cold while he's out there.) I designed the scarf from the original Penguins logo (the fatter, less menacing one that the team had at the very start), no cutting or pasting.

- SHOULDERS: borrowed from the RoboPenguin/hummingbird years (I have a sweater from that era, and still like it, hummingbird be damned). The shape is in recognition of the Golden Triangle. If you don't know, ask a Pittsburgher. It's also why the current sweaters have large triangles at the sides of the torso.

- STRIPING: my unique touch. In the spirit of the Hurricanes' warning flags (killer idea BTW) and the Senators' laurel wreath striping (also a killer idea), this is the nod to the Pittsburgh police. Checkerboards abound.

- NUMBERS: The current style with Rangers-style 3-D drop shadowing. Always liked that, always hated the Rangers. Go figure.

- PLAYER NAMES: Another unique touch. This was necessitated partly by the size of the triangles on the shoulders, and partly to be unique. It's something different if nothing else.

- BREEZERS: basic black with more checkboards.

- SOCKS: more of the same.

As always, C&C kindly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time.

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Very cool. I'm not a fan of the number font, but it does tie into the rest of the concept, so I would keep it. Other then that, I would suggest using more of an "athletic" gold-type yellow, like the Penguins used in this logo. As it is now, the yellow is a bit to bright.

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As much as I like the checkerboard idea, it seems like a bit much here. In action, the checkers might be too much to handle visually. I don't mind the number font, although on the dark set, I don't like how it's just the contours of the shadow, as opposed to a solid drop.

On a side note, nice and clean for an MS paint concept. Some members should take notes.

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When in the hell was you out here in Pittsburgh and ain't tell me, man? Man I oughtta...just throw somethin' at you. (nah, not really...)

This might be one of the most creative concept designs I've seen, just based off design merit alone, along with your inspiration for using the checker pattern. (That pattern runs a little deeper than you might think: it also shows up on Pittsburgh's city flag, albeit in blue and white.) Now, the only place Imma have to take issue with you on this is because you DID use the popos as inspiration. (Understand I ain't exactly "fond" of the finer boys in blue...or black and gold...en yellow...but that's really jsut nitpicking.)

I'll say this: I got more respect for you and the other people around here who can do nice, clean concepts in MS Paint and do it consistently...cuz me, since I taught myself how to use Illustrator and then taught myself how to create computer-illustrated concepts, I don't think I could do it, for real. (I've been spoiled by vector!!!)

That really would make for an interesting special event jersey, though. A+ there buddy-ro.

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overall, this is a good concept and the colors are something the penguins should go back to. But, the striping ruined it for me. The checkerboard reminds me more of nascar than anything, and although it is creative, it would look rediculous on the ice. The numbers look cool, but i think that the name should go over it. I like the scarf on the penguin, too. The design is good, bu tthe checkerboard needs to go.

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I really like the creativity of this concept.

First off I love the scarf. Nice job putting it on the current penguin. The yellow you used is perfect, much better than the gold they use now. On the black jersey I would put a white outline around the yellow triangle, just like the black outline on the away jersey. I really like the font for the away jerseys, but they just don't look right for the home jersey. The black shadow on the black jersey doesn't seem right. Maybe you could fill the black shadow in with yellow, and where you have the yellow / lines, make those black. The name on the bottom is fine with me. The checkerboard pattern is so-so for me. I get how it fits with the police but I think it should tie in more with the team. The only idea I can think of is maybe making the scarf incorporate the checkerboard pattern. Overall I really like this. Good job.

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Thanks much to all who responded. I'll try to respond to everyone all at once. Possible changes are forthcoming, but not immediately - I've been saddled with a lot of work and a free afternoon to get it all done. That said:

1. The numbers. I dunno, I thought it would be something different. I don't like the Penguins' current numbers; besides ripping off the Islanders of a few years back, they don't really do that much for me. Since the Penguins are blessed with two very strong team colors, I wanted to try and make them work in a new way. The Rangers' 3-D drop shadowing always looked better than some of the more modern attempts teams have tried, so I thought I'd give it a go. I guess it is a little, ahem, attention-getting. For those who specifically had issues with the black sweater's numbers, all I can say is I tried every possible combination of athletic gold and white together. There wasn't enough contrast between the two to use them both, and black was the only choice left if I was going to be consistent across both sweaters. So black went in. The only other thing I could have done would have been an athletic gold sweater, and that didn't look so hat back in the day.

2. The checkerboard. As my boy BB in the 'Burgh rightly said (BTW... sorry there was no heads up - it was an unplanned trip for medically-related stuff, in-laws of in-laws and surgery and whatnot. We were out in Carnegie, and you didn't miss much. I will be making a triumphant return to Ketchuptown soon to catch a game at PNC, I just don't know when.), it's more than the pattern used by the police (and whaddaya got against the po-po, B? The thin blue line crosses through my family a couple times, I got nothin' but love for the cops... except that :cursing: who gave me my last ticket in Ohio), it is on the city flag, and is widely identified with Pittsburgh in the same way that the patterns in the Maryland state flag are identified with everything from the Ravens' crest to the Terps' gear. I realize gold and black checkerboards scream taxicabs, but it says Pittsburgh to me. It's busy, but no busier than what the 'Canes and Senators have done with their striping IMO.

3. The gold. Maz - more orange? Really? I lifted the color directly from the crest they used when Lemieux first came up, so it is the one they used in their glory years. I was afraid to go too far to the orange, lest they be confused with their in-state neighbors to the east. And Vegas gold was never right for the Pens.

4. The scarf. I included it because it was one of those idiosyncratic things on the first logo that gets overlooked 99% of the time but makes a unique touch when you break it down. Also, I tried to incorporate touches from the different uniforms the Pens have worn without doing the hideous n00b trick of cutting and pasting logos and colors from various eras and indiscriminately throwing them all over a uniform with no forethought. The scarf was my nod to the expansion years, the colors from the Lemieux/glory years, the shoulders from the RoboHummingbird years, and the number font from the present. Combining eras can be done, but it should be done in a more subtle fashion than many inexperienced designers do.

Thanks again to all; a tweak here and there will be coming soon.

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Very interesting and moreso, creative, design VitaminD. It shows that you really put a lot of thought into tying several elements of the team's look over the years.

Couple of comments though... Love the return of the scarf. As a New Yorker though, the checkerboards just scream out "taxi!" to me (even though NYC cabs aren't checkered anymore). Never did care for the 3D drop shadow, but that's just me. Finally, the lower nameplate won't fly. Not because it evokes european soccer, but it's actually stipulated in the NHL Rulebook:

Section II, Rule 13-2 (edit): "In addition, each player and goalkeeper shall wear his surname in full, in block letters three inches (3") high, across the back of his sweater at shoulder height."

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I didnt mean orange... i meant orange-er

the yellow you got is too bright and neon ish. Make it alittle oranger to tone it down. I dont mean a complete orange, I mean something like this...


(please excuse bad paint job)

or these



sorry for any confusion... I just hate bright yellow

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Whoa... back from the dead. And on this of all weekends! :rolleyes:

1. cap10 - thanks for the knowledge about player name placement. I guess I will have to tinker this a little bit to conform to the rules. So it is, then...

2. maz - I know what you're saying, but as I said before, the gold I used was lifted directly from official Pens' logos from the early '90s. A little darkening of the gold may be in order without making it look too much like day-old Cheez Whiz.

3. OMMF - Wait 'til Tony and I have our 'Scrim-mage. You think you've seen me go all-out 'Scriminology? Just you wait... and by the way, I blush at the complement. I never thought of myself as a visionary... :hockeysmiley:

4. to everyone else - a minor modification here and there may not be out of the question. I get all the taxi references, and I guess that's inevitable. But if you've ever been to Pittsburgh, you see the black and gold EVERYWHERE - including on the cops. And they make it work; it just looks like it belongs. The 3D numbers may get scaled back a little bit, and the triangles may get pushed around to accommodate the nameplate ( :cursing: stupid rules). Stay tuned; now that this thread has been brought back, I may have another go at it...

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