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New Brewers...


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Since there's some Brewer love, maybe hate, but mostly love goin' on here I thought it'd be cool to post this here.

Well without further adeu i present ... Clap your hands, grab a coin, scratch off this ticket, it could get you into the stands....


Milwaukee Brewers, The Instant Scratch off game!


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PS: I thought North Carolina didn't have a lottery. Is that new?

its about a year old now. they snuck it in while two guys that were gonna vote against werent there to vote on it. personally i never understood why we didnt have one being that every state around us had one.

one the funniest reasons why people didnt want it here was that the mafia would come to NC and take over the government. oh yeah and Jesus thought it was wrong.

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Ah, back when everyone was SOOOOO sure that we'd have another Subway Series. And how'd that turn out???

Yeah well Yadier Molina and the Tigers happened. And that was that.

But they still technically have two "Subway Series" each year, which quite frankly, has lost its luster. I'm actually a proponent of interleague play, but when you're hosting only one other AL team than the Yankees each year instead of 3 different ones (This year the Mets do get the A's and Twins at least) somethings gotta change...end soliliquoy...

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