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Ottawa Senators concept

commander cody13

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It is not an improvement on what they have, and if anything, it takes away from what I like about their look.

1. The X-line cartoony logo is not the one that should be the team's primary crest. It's one thing to get away with it on an alternate sweater, but as the primary logo on the primary sweaters, it looks very minor league. An NHL team wouldn't want to project a cartoonish image every time out on the ice.

2. For better or worse, the curved swoosh cutting across the sweaters now makes them stand out in an Eastern Conference full of other teams wearing black and red (Devils, 'Canes, Sabres through this season). So does the laurel wreath striping - which is not only unique to the Sens, but makes good use of the team's nickname in a way that very few teams can do (another good example is the warning flags on the 'Canes waistline striping). Your stripes are simple, boring, horizontal.

3. Your team captain would probably like his "C"... and the other "S" that belongs in his name. ^_^

It just doesn't do anything for me. Unless I liked the team, there's nothing about the look that makes me sit up and take notice. If anything, I'd write the team off with the cartoony logo.

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I agree with VitaminD, you've pretty much taken a unique look and made it bland. The white one looks like the Devils.

That isn't to say that it's a bad concept. It's clean, but like a box of matzoh, it's just... bland.

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