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2008 NHL East All-Star Concept...


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I basically took a couple of things people have noted about other concepts and threw them together into one. This included using the alternate ECF logo to eleminate the overload of text. I basically transformed the Thrasher's home and made it more All-Starry. I am not the biggest fan of the words on the arm, but I just wanted to try it, because I beleive its really possible that one, if not both of the teams ends up having it. I might do the west later, but this is more or less of just an experiment.

This concept was done in MS Paint with RogerClemente's template. I messed up while saving it, so that's why the colors are quite blotchy.


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These look good. Definetely appropriate for an All Star game in Atlanta. Also, good job using the Thrasher's font, cause its a font that really looks good on any jersey!

My suggestions would be to continue the silver stripe on the top so you get the 'empty set' look and not just the blank arm (see the Thrashers jerseys) Also, I would use the official Eastern conference logo instead of just the 'E' because no where on the jersey does it say that it is the Eastern conference.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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