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NBA 1 Major change


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Just got some information from a friend that for the 2007-08 season there will be 1 MAJOR change and a few little tweaks. Anybody have any clue for what team, and what's going on?

Um... i guess we can also take predictions.

I'm gonna predict the hawks, mainly because a logo was going around, and in a pdf i found a new hawk head.

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haha yah i didn't say it was, i'm just saying it got spread around. Ok if you KNOW for sure, then that's ok. Just that was what i thought. So we know Hawks aren't changing. Do you know who is?

Uhhh, not any that I can mention.

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nets aren't moving until the season after next, so they won't switch until then, and the Clippers are too stubborn to change, so that narrows it down to the Wizards and Wolves in my mind. Wizards seem to like that new gold jersey, so maybe they are working more gold into their look. They also could spring for jerseys designed like that alt. (mismatched shorts anyone?) The Wolves could be doing this, but teams usually get new looks to erase a bad chapter and start on a good one, the wolves would be doing pretty much the opposite.

^straight from my mind to the computer, pay it no thought.^

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Why would they move? Sure the team is bad, but atleast they sell tickets, or last i checked they did.

A-R-E-N-A (Which is also bollocks, mind you, but that's the official reasoning).

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