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Cardinals Fire John Richie Anderson


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Exactly. Besides, if a 37 year old payroll clerk who has never played a down of NFL football in his life can get chicks, a 35 year old former fullback should be dripping in honey.

The real outrage here is that a former FB is a WR coach. That's just silly.

Could it be that the guy was a better receiver than a lot of the actual wideouts in the league?

So were a lot of RB's the league has seen: Larry Centers with the Cardinals, Moose Johnston (although most of those catches were 5-yd tosses into the left flat after which he'd wheel that oak-tree-thick neck around and go hammer at least one wanna-be tackler's head and run over somebody next), and the one that automatically comes to mind, another Cardinal...Eric Metcalf (who, come to think of it, I can't ever recall EVER having played a down lined up behind a FB or QB).

So it ain't entirely out the scope of reason, you see.

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