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2007 Cricket World Cup Thread


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Considering the amount of people here who follow it, and the fact that I too am following it due to the number of WIndians I work with, I'm starting a thread regarding the 9th Cricket World Cup, currently being contested in the West Indies.

Yesterday, the Windies defeated Pakistan by 54 runs in the opening match.

Right now, Australia is taking on Scotland at St. Kitts, and setting a pretty strong pace in the process.

Meanwhile, at Gros Inlet in St. Lucia, the world famous Canadian Cricket Association is battling Kenya. Bet you didn't know Canada had a cricket team, eh?

And there you go. I wouldn't mind going to this one year -- especially when it's held in the Carribean. Say what you want about cricket, any sport has its awesomeness multipied when palm trees are in the background.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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