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MLB Updates 2007


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The Red Sox would go on to complete the sweep with a 3-0 win in Game 4 as Derrick Lowe and Keith Foulke held the Cards to just 4 hits as the Red Sox won their first World Series in 86 years, holding the Cardinals powerful offense to a .190 average in the Fall Classic.

Only important part of that whole page.

Just kidding, great site, absolutely love it.

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The updates continue after a momentary side track thanks to Bronchitis.

Here are the Twins who dug deep hole early but were the best team in all of baseball after June and won the AL Central Division.

Minnesota Twins


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The updates continue with the Brewers who entered the season with optimism but ended with injuries and 87 losses.

Milwaukee Brewers


The Brewers permanently added a 5th sausage to the race, a Mexican sausage called the Chorizo. They debuted it last year at the Latino Heritage game, but had to wait until this year to add it permanently.

On a sidenote, the Brewers have been paying an awful lot of attention to Milwaukee's Latino community in recent years. I wonder if this is their way of subverting Milwaukee's proposed MLS team which would no doubt be favored over the Brew Crew by the Latinos for economic and cultural reasons.

Also, the Brewers FSN affiliate isn't FSN North anymore. It's the new FSN Wisconsin subnetwork.

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