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CFL East Division concepts


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First up, I finalized the Alouettes' concept, my main objective was to eliminate the white side stripe. And the secondary logo has been moved from the sleeve to the back of the jersey:


Next up, the Tigercats, this is a mixture of old school and new school, speaking of old school, and you Ticats fans would remember this, they used to have "bumblebee" stripes on their sleeves. I decided to bring them back, but use the whole sleeve to insert these stripes:


And last, I bring back the Rough Riders, these unis need no explanation:



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Alouettes-Very nice. I still prefer the current (old?) home and away jerseys, but you've done a great job mixing the past and present here. Now how about the current logo on the front of the helmet? :P

Ti-Cats-The bumblebee stripes look fantastic. The new number font fits in surprisingly well. The only thing I don't like is the black pants design. I think a simple yellow-black-yellow striping pattern would have been better then the full tiger logo at the hip.

Rough Riders-Given the name I would have preferred either the double "R" logo or this guy. The uniforms are amazing though.

Can't wait to see the Argos.

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