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Rhode Island Soccer League


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so i was thinking to myself "What if there was an entire soccer league composed of the cities and towns of Rhode Island? Well, this is what happened..

First up is the Providence F.C., the only team that goes by football. I will post the logo alone as soon as i get PS working at a reasonable speed.

Well, just take a look at what i have so far..

It goes Home, Road, Alternate, and Keeper.


Well there you go, i'm inexperienced with soccer design so be gentle.

My next set will be for the Newport Storm (owned by the brewery)

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Although I happen to like the green alts, I'm not sure if they fit with the set.

Its not really in the set, the goalie just wears a different color jersey!

Oh. Wow. I knew that. I've watched enough soccer that I should know that. It even says so in the top post. I feel stupid now.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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