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NCAA Hockey Jersey Rescource


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I had the day off, was bored and had nothin to do, so I started makin these designs of the current jerseys for the college hockey teams. I used Roger Clemente's templates of course, I only have six done so far, I went in alphabetical order startin with the WCHA. I hope to branch out into the rest of the nation, but we'll see what happens.

I still have MSU-Mankato, North Dakota, St. Cloud St, and Wisconsin left.

Here's what I have:





I have some 3rd jerseys in there, and a couple I didnt do yet, which I hope to.

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CC has an alt:


and the yoke on all the Gophers jerseys is angled. Including the yellow stripes. Visible here on the left side.


In addition, the yoke on Minnesota's gold alts goes Maroon Yoke-White Stripe-Gold Stripe-Maroon Stripe

KWGPRESXDXDITNX.20070318060922.jpg<--ooooh, look at the shiny trophy...

The other sleeve and waist striping on the gold alt needs to be fixed, too. The white and gold stripes are in the same position on every version of those 3 jerseys. A maroon stripe is added between the gold jersey and the gold stripe. The lower sleeve stripes are angled to match the yoke, but I'm not getting into that right now.

Fixed 'em all for you:


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