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Poster Design for a Theatre Production


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My school's theatre production company that I'm involved with sent out the call for a poster for our main show for this year. "An Evening at the Globe" It's a Dinner Theatre that showcases scenes from The Bard's most famous plays. (MacBeth, Romeo & Julliet, Julius Caeser, etc...)

Well today - after a week of developing this with the director - The final design was agreed on, and was sent to a print shop to be printed en masse.

Since my self-initiated one week break from the boards is over, why not share it (The poster) with you all?


Obviously, that's Shakespeare on the left, and on the right is a section of The Globe Theatre.


"Globe": Bill Hicks

Sub-titles: Danny (with some modifications)

Details: MacBeth (How appropriate!)

EDIT: I'm a moron, this is 2007 - not 2006 (re: watermark)

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yeah the blue on brown clashes a bit mate.

and for future ref, when you outline text, the outline should go under the characters and not on top.

the 'redhawks live' bit makes difficult reading with the brown outline obscuring the thinner strokes of the serif.

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agreed with the outline thing.... almost looks like a strange overprint, with the blue bleeding into the orange...

as said above, the letters should be spaced wider on the bottom...

overall too, you've got strong contrast on the bottom section with the white and the blue... that's important as this is the nuts and bolts information of the poster.... but the contrast in the upper "image" part of the poster is not as strong, and thus doesn't draw your eye to it... I would think you'd want to look at that part first, then find your way to the information if it looks interesting.... it's the other way around right now... you kind of have to force yourself to look at the top part, and even then it's hard work to pull the title words out...

not bad for a high schooler... I'd be thrilled if I'd done this at your age... don't take these comments as negatives... they're more like things to remember and build on next time you do something. few tweaks here and there, and you've got a nice poster....

just a suggestion... even though the poster is going to print as is, a good exercise would be to take some of the feedback you get here and continue to work on the piece... even though it won't be printed, it would be a good learning experience....

or you could tell me to go pound salt. :)

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look, its not amazing, but it does show decent promise in terms of composition and concept.

nordiques is right. good typographical sensibilities are an absolute must if you want to

create poster artwork. the istd (international standard of typographic design or something)

have a qualification you could have a crack at. i think its pretty cheap but quite tough to get.

if you take the course then you will learn a lot and you may even get letters after your name.

i think i am officially 'fraser davidson ba hons istd' or something altho, im not so keen on having std

as part of my title.

you sound like youre interested in design, and your work is technically better than most your age.

keep going, and maybe check out a few agency sites and you could get ahead of the game.

im sorry, having read the above it sounds very harsh and snobby. but its not meant to be and im too cut to change it.

basically it sgood for your age, but if (like i reckon you probably are) technically savy, you could improve

1000% very quickly. maybe have a crack at a few changes of the poster.

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For the record, I'm in 8th grade. (13, y.o.)

I take no offense at any of the above comments, I know what constructive critisism is.

I'm debating whether or not to revise it...

I don't want to see what it could have been, but I'm very curious.

I'll think about it more.

In regard to another issue, I'm actually interested in govenment and being a politcian. Graphic design is my hobby, but you never know what could happen...

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