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Everett Merchants


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The owners of this club come in my store all the time, so I figured I would fiddle.

I tried to keep a couple of things in mind. One, uniform cost. So, I know from my past experiences about a company here call High 5 Sportswear. I have used them on for my teams as well as for orders when I do things for others. So, yes the uniform, including piping and inserts are stock. Two, I tried to keep the design cost down and printing cost down. and last, using their past history to determine this more classic move.

I have not presented to them nor I have really considered it, it is more for fun then anything.

It is not perfect but I figured I would post it here... template is not mine but I did recreate it, I am not 100% sure where it came from to give its full credit. Comments welcome...


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Here we go:

1. I like the font and the movement...as in wind. Niice

2. The logo is lacking...big time. It doesnt do it for me. Check out the Padres, Rangers, and Brewers...maybe even try a ship or sails or more of a wind feel

3. The logo needs the word "Everrett"

4. Instead of the "E" logo on the away....use an "Everrett" script....just a thought...I dont know what the costs would be like

5. The "E" hat is nice.

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I don't know if you have control over it, but I feel like there's one two many outlines on the "Merchants" wordmark to keep it nice and readable.

With another font, that many outlines can work, but the detailed font you've used is better served with one outline IMHO.

Nice work on the jerseys, especially given the constraints you placed on it.

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