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This is a secondary logo I made in Illustrator for my high school. Our nickname is the Highlandersand our colours are green and white. I'm looking for a way to incorporate green into the logo, and I dont know how to change the form of the BMHS text to fit the shield.

Any thoughts?


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The first thing I thought of was this logo:


partially because I just did a design for that team, but more importantly because it is similar because of the crossing of the sticks (or swords in your case).

And I think you can even incorporate green if you incorporate some of the things that make this logo work into your own.

1- Outline. Add a green outline? You lack an outline really right now. Your lines only serve the purpose to shape the swords.

2- Text outside the shield. You can see their "shield" is the capital building. The city and name is outside of that.

3- Using a crest? I don't know if your school has some type of crest or if you can make one up, but a crest might look better and you need some way to fill space.

4- Then notice they have the stars and puck to fill dead space. Think of something you can do to fill that dead space.

5- Finally I'm not sure its within your abilities, but a more stylized sword would look better. Think of the Cleveland Cavs sword.


Good luck.

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i also agree w/ the previous posts: more interesting font....a little bigger also...

and since they're the highlanders, maybe make the blades a bit skinnier so they look like scottish claymores(lond swords) and maybe add a tartan sash or banner or trim...or something

but it's a good start...

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