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Unbelievable finish in Div. II men's basketball final


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I searched for this and was surprised that no one had brought it up yet ...

An incredible finish to yesterday's Div. II national men's basketball championship game between Barton and Winona State. This is the only video I've seen posted yet [via Deadspin].

Forget the Final Four and the NCAA tournament and all that. Basketball doesn't get much better than this.

EDIT: Found a better (read: not a video camera set up in front of a TV) video

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I saw the telecast. Being a Minnesotan I was pulling for WSU, and couldn't believe how they blew a five-point lead in the last minute.

Amazing presence of mind on the part of the Barton player to time his jump and the release of the ball just before the clock hit all zeroes. He's the small-college answer to Lorenzo Charles.

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