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The Return of the Ill Postino


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heh, I been thinkin of revisiting this one for a long while now. Basically, I felt the first time that I could have done a little more than I had, so I reintroduce Los Postinos:

logo set


home uniform


away uniform


third jersey & cap


heh, I know one thing, I had a picture of what all blue, or the two main jerseys with blue pants, would look, and I basically decided to run with it. heh, I didn't feel like attaching em to a city, so they are simply Postinos Club de Beisbol. That's my story, this is my template and I'm stickin to it! ;)

throw some D's on it...comment, congregate and whatnot. and yes, I know...the stamp logo's gonna be obsolete in about a month or so

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i can tell you put good effort into your stuff. and i think id like it so much more on a more attractive template...

That being said this is original and creative, and although not really practical, i like it. Completely opposite of the cookie cutter concepts i see too often on the boards. nice work

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This looks really cool. I love the "Home Plate/Envelope Logo," very original. It took me a sec to figure out why the envelope is upside down, then it occured to me that it's also in the shape of homeplate. :P

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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