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Buy your own Stanley Cup

Roger Clemente

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You could probably take it to a local jeweller or trophy shop and have them engrave all the names you want into it. With that in mind, it would be perfect for one of those hockey tournaments you and your friends do every once in a while, whether it's ice hockey, road/street hockey, table hockey, air hockey, or even video game hockey.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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^ Agreed, if I'm going to fork out hundreds of dollars for this thing, I want it accurate to the finest detail, all the names, teams, dates and other trademark details the Cup holds

Though, you would have to replace a ring every thirteen years...

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That's a nice 2 foot version of the Stanley Cup.. I wouldnt mind having that.. but I do have a smaller version of the Stanley Cup (ironically there was a Carolina Hurricanes logo sticker on it 2 months before the Hurricanes actually won the Cup in 2006) that I did buy at a thirft store, which I thought it was odd seeing that one and I grabbed that small Cup before anyone would see it and buy it.. hehe.. but I wouldnt mind that 2 foot Cup... hmm.. 225 bucks US?? blah too high at least for me...

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