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new duck logo Ideas


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- Simplify - Way too much detail for a logo. They're great illustrations, but they don't work well as logos.

- In general, there's just too much going on in them. I'd stick to just one or two objects, rather than the "A", the wings, the stick, the duck head etc.

- The wings read to me as more of an Angels feel, rather than a duck. Also, the duck head doesn't really mesh well. The duck's head is somewhat cartoony, as opposed to the realistic quality of the wings.

- The "Ducks" in the crossbar of the "A" is distracting. I'd just get rid of it.

- Try messing with some different colors. Gold and orange don't really go together all that well. Perhaps try dark green as a color, or maybe even toy with the return of eggplant.

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I like what you're going for...IMO the Ducks have the WORST logo and jersey in the NHL and really need something new. The one thing that stands out is that the wings look more like that of an angel or something rather than a duck. I think the feathers may be too wide or something, and the wing isn't angluar enough. Also as someone else said, the duck head sort of looks like a swan.

Nonetheless, I really like what you're going for here. Keep it up!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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