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2007 BP Hat Designs

blackbeard's delight

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Just having some more fun & thought I'd make a whole bunch of hats based on the new BP design. Even though I think the hats themselves are stupid and look pretty bad when worn, they are a lot of fun to make in MS Paint as far as from a design standpoint and playing with colors. So here's a whole bunch of different designs, ranging from the currents looks, to some remakes of old designs and throwbacks:


Any thoughts?


Here's the actual 2007 versions (basically...some of them look a little crappy):


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I like em. Most of them are an improvement on what they're using now, mainly because you didn't color in most of the "ear thingys". Although it's ridiculous to have multiple BP caps, I like the throwbacks.

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Overall they look pretty good. Sometimes the lack of "skew-ness" of the logo makes the hat look off, but it's not a big deal for most of the caps.

p.s. That old school Padres cap is a thing of beauty. Absolutely gorgeous.

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