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New orleans saints alternate


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I don't believe they wore any alternates this year as punishment for wearing two alternates last season. You are allowed to wear ONE alt. TWICE. Last season, the Saints wore the gold and a throwback, each once, and they were fined for doing so. I believe part of that was they weren't allowed top paryticipate in the "Rape the fans for more $$$ throwback/3rd campaign" this year.
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Yeah, that's what I said, you can wear one alternate jersey twice, but it has to be the same jersey.

Miami was exempted from the rule because they were a part of the "Thanksgiving Throwbacks" program where all four teams have to wear throwbacks. The Dolphins had been granted permission to introduce the orange jersey before the schedule was announced, pairing them with the Cowboys on Thanksgiving and making them a part of the throwback promotion.

The Saints were a part of no such promotion last season. They chose to wear a total of four jerseys and were fined for it.

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