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on the whole i have noticed that the antipodean community on this forum is particularly

design savy. however, in a bid to aid my fellow lovers of the 15 man (and 13 man) style

of footy, i have created a couple of templates.

i would have loved to have posted them on my site, but unfortunately i dont love you all enough

to pay the £20 (40 bucks) a month extra, it was costing me in bandwidth extentions.

so.. if you would like either or both of these, please email me at


and ill email them. i only have vector versions.


design 1


design 2


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Look pretty nice. What's the last brand? I don't recognise it.

Do ya have it in ai8 format?

its isc.

looks a bit poor on the screeny.

i will put the lot in a layered pdf.

should open in all ai

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They look great Fraser, the nike one in particular. If you need a place to host the files I can put you up for free. I've got plenty of space left over after deleting some old stuff in a move. Give us a PM if you're interested.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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