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MLB Alternate Logo Project


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Well, it has been a while since I last posted on my alternate logo project, but I have been rather busy and the NL East has no less than six teams, and a couple of them were real challenges. Anyway, again in the order of 2006 finish, here is the NL East. I have to break it into two posts, since I am only allowed five at at time:

St. Louis:

I struggled with this one since the Cardinals have a near perfect bird on a bat logo and the "sacred" StL hat logo. I couldn't improve on them, so I created an alternate with the cardinal head imposed inside the signature of St. Louis - the Arch.



I never liked what I thought was an inconsistency between the sharp, sleek star and the loopy script of the Astros wordmarks. So, I created a new star that I imagined would be what the "writer" of the wordmark script would have come up with if he whipped up quick star as well. I tried to make it resemble the "H" and "A" of the wordmarks. It is admittedly simple but I am probably most pleased with this effort - it looks like it belongs to the set.



This was the most difficult team of the entire project so far. Using the Redman would have been too complicated, and there is no way to really simply the wishbone C. Also, I can't create any new imagery because, frankly, I don't know what a "red" even is. All I could come up with was the wishbone C wearing Redman's cap. I don't think it looks like an MLB identity piece, but I guess my talents or creativity fall short when it comes to a new logo for the Reds


And the second half:


I really wanted to incorporate a beer barrel into the existing identity here, but I could not find a way to make it look really good so I abandoned the idea. I wound up with a simplified logo keeping the elements of the barley, the blue ring, and the "M" from the existing cap logo.



The Pirates have an alternate with a pirate flag, but it is incredibly complicated. I reworked the flag idea with a simple "P" on it rendered in the recognizeable Pittsburgh font.



I always imagined a Cub logo with just the head inside the C rather then the whole body. I like how it fills the space and it is more easily identified from a distance.


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I think you meant to say NL Central...

Anywho, I really like what you've done for the Cardinals, Cubs, Pirates...and especially the Astros. It looks like you put a lot of effort into doing these, and you did quite well.

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I really like the Cubs and Pirates ones, and I could probably live with the Astros. The Brewers logo seems too simple to me, I would of loved to see the barrel. Like you said the Reds one doesn't seem like an MLB logo, but it definably is a nice try, I can't really help you with that one cause I feel stuck too! And the Cards...well, I'm a lifelong Cards fan and am not so keen on the logo you have here, but my opinion is biased, and I usually shoot down pretty much all Cards concepts on here. It just seems like you have three elements forced together, and the slash in the front seems pointless. Great work overall though!

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Okay, a few critiques, a few ideas:

The cardinals one is very strong, very modern for the red birds, but still a good design. It appears that some of the mouthline is missing.

The astros is near perfect. It works well for the team, perhaps a bp logo.

The reds is by far the best. It puts the tradition of the Red Legs into the classic C logo. Any reds fan would be crazy not to buy merchandise with this beauty on it.

I'm not really feeling the Brew Crew. It doesn't scream alt to me. Try creating a new barrell, maybe with a ball on it. Something else at least.

The 'rites is good, but... Just not very good. Maybe try and incorporate a sword, boat, map, anything piraty.

The cubs is simple and effective, nice job, not much else you could on this one.

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Five of these are just fantastic. Really terrific.

The Brewers, though, suffers from too little contrast between the M and the ring, such that it really cannot be scaled any smaller than you've got it. In fact even at that size the letter is a bit muddled. I think part of the problem with this is that the Brewers have already perfected the combination of their M with some wheat; you're not going to do better in terms of the aims of your project than the Brewers' cap logo if what you're after is combining the M with wheat. You talked about a beer barrel: Good. What about a beer glass or a stein? Give another run at that line of thinking. The Brewers do use the state of Wisconsin, but not very effectively; that's another area where you could improve on existing team iconography.

But the other five are superb. You really have me looking forward to the real NL East, which I must say I was dreading after I saw your first set of these concepts. Your work on this project has improved just remarkably.

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Thanks for the comments, everyone. They have truly helped me out in my efforts. On this set, yeah I remembered it was the central after I posted (that's what working at midnight will do). Anyway, something about the 5 image per post limit prevents me from correcting it. I originally posted the first three, and replied immediately with the next three, and it magically stuck them together very conveniently. Now, I cannot edit the original because it would complain unless I break it up again - and if I broke it up my second message would fall to the end of the thread. Crazy...

Now, about the logos - I guess laziness got the better of me on Milwaukee. I figured my version was "safe" but that translated into ineffective and uninspired. I will play with the barrel idea and attempt to think outside the box with it and see what I can come up with for you guys.

As far as clarification on St. Louis - the swoosh at the bottom was to anchor the arch and frame the bottom of the design. The movement of the shape was an attempt to suggest the river. Of course, its not a good sign if you have to explain what you drew...

Thanks again for the comments. I am glad you are enjoying the sets. I will be coming up with another Milwaukee logo next and then move on the the real NL East!


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Like others have said, your abilities have definitely improved over the course of this exercise and your work is very impressive. Here are my comments:

St. Louis - This is as good as any alternate you've done thus far. It maintains the teams current identity along with tying it in with the city. Spectacular.

Houston - To put it bluntly, I don't like it. I agree that there is an inconsistency between the 'Stros wordmark and their logo and that needs to be changed in real life. To me they need a new wordmark. However, that isn't the scope of this project and thus you were constrained. I think the effort to tie in the two elements is top-notch. I just don't like the look of that star.

Cincinnati - Looks good. You provided another classic image for this storied team.

Milwaukee - I agree with others that you should try to incorporate some sort of beer container (barrel, keg, stein, whatever) into the logo. This current one looks incomplete. The top of the circle is naked and I think something needs to be added. Perhaps if you lengthened the wheat and moved them to the sides to more "encompass" the 'M' it would look fuller.

Pittsburgh - Looks great and one that could very well be used as a sleeve patch.

Chicago - The elimination of the body does wonders to that logo. Your alternate is a marked improvement of their current. Great job here as well.

Again, overall, spectacular work. I'm looking forward to your next installment.

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My Cardinals - As a lifelong fan, I gotta say, pretty good. Like the elements and what they represent. I don't quite know if it's strong enough to be an alt. logo, but it is pretty sharp. Nice Work.

Houston - I understand your reasoning and what you were going for, I agree about the contrast in the existing logo elements. However, this just doesn't quite work. I'm sure if you keep at it, you'll find the common ground linking the two seperate styles into one, but I just don't think this is it. BTW, I understand how long you must've spent on this one. Just goes to show how some are just that much more difficult. I applaud your effort and know if you do keep trying, you'll get it.

Cincinnati - Simple, class-y, class-ic. Nice work. Definately fits in for the old time look of the oldest team in baseball. Great job.

Milwaukee - Decent. Could see it being used. Although I'm sure something better could be done, this doesn't reflect on your artistic ability whatsoever. Once again, the logo elements available are a little limited. I'm sure if you take your time, you'll get the beer barrell idea across and make it work. Keep at it.

Pittsburgh - Another simple yet effective logo. Kinda has a Tampa Bay Buccaneers feel to it and is pretty close, but I think with any "pirate" team, this is gonna happen. But I still like how you did it. Should eliminate the red, but that's on Pittsburgh, not you.

Cubs - As agreed with previous posts, great work. Only thing is, I'm pretty sure this logo has been used, primarily on the Nike gear, where they used their own custom alt. logos. Although it's a great idea, so I can easily assume that you did in fact think of it without ever seeing the one already in use. So I still give you full "points" on this one, but would still love to see what else you could come up with to maybe top it.

Excellent work on every single one. :D

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Yeah, on the Astros, I would go with a new wordmark, because I just plain don't like that star. Sorry if that seems harsh, but you've done some great work on this project, and I just don't think the star fits in with the body of work you've show. I like the reasoning behind it, but the execution doesn't look good.

The Brewers is kinds blah.

But I either like or really like the rest.

The Cubs is really nice. The cub even manages to look a little intimidating.

I like how you simplified the Pirates flag.

I like the Cardinals one as a logo, but it doesn't seem to fit with the team's identity. I think it's because the arch looks a little modern to me. I think you could easily fix it so it looks cohesive with the rest of the set.

And I like the idea behind the Reds logo a lot. It just kinda doesn't look finishes. I guess my problem is it looks like you put a hat on the C. By playing with the lines, I think it could look more like the C is wearing the hat.

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A+ on all of them except the Reds and Brewers which I don't particuarly care for. I know their identities don't leave much room for creativity so you probably need to incorporate more original ideas.

For example, I don't know about anyone else, but I'd like to see a Brewers logo that incorporates a Milwaukee landmark (the Milw. Art Museum, the Clock Tower, etc). Everything about this team's idenity since it moved to Miller Park has emphasized "Brewers," I want to see one that emphasizes "Milwaukee" for a change.

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Have you considered doing other divisions? I'd be curious as to what you could do for the NL West and AL East.

Hey, funny you should ask. If you haven't seen, I am in the middle of the project already, and have completed the American league already. The other two NL divisions will be presented in the coming weeks. Here are the links to the previous work if you want to take a look:

AL West: http://boards.sportslogos.net/index.php?showtopic=47272

AL Central: http://boards.sportslogos.net/index.php?showtopic=46767

AL East: http://boards.sportslogos.net/index.php?showtopic=47020.

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Good job with these logos, one thing though...Nike did that Cubs' logo first.

Thanks for the compliment and yep, someone pointed this out the Nike resemblence as well. I hope you can take my word that I came up with it on my own. If you look close you will see some differences in the two that will bear (pardon the pun) that out. I guess the good news is my idea was good enough to have been already used, but the bad is that in good faith I will have to refrain from claiming it as an original creation from now forward.


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Good job with these logos, one thing though...Nike did that Cubs' logo first.

Thanks for the compliment and yep, someone pointed this out the Nike resemblence as well. I hope you can take my word that I came up with it on my own. If you look close you will see some differences in the two that will bear (pardon the pun) that out. I guess the good news is my idea was good enough to have been already used, but the bad is that in good faith I will have to refrain from claiming it as an original creation from now forward.


Yeah, I must have missed McCall's comment about it. Sorry! And I believe you. The logo makes too much sense to not be used, though. I actually think I'm about to buy that hat... :D

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Pirates- I think it would look cool if the flag was attached to a bat instead of a flag pole... try both upside down and right side up.

Reds- best you can do I guess. Not much to work with. strange to have a secondary MORE complex than the primary, but what can you do right?

Cubs - awesome. perfect. - too bad nike had the same idea.. although its so good i'm suprised the cubs don't already use it as part of their set because it's so obviously better than the bear walking.

Astros- interesting idea, but not an improvment. if you want to base a secondary off their wordmark, maybe try and A or HA instead of a star.

Milwaukee- I agree with the poster that said it looks unfinished. its also not different enough, if you catch what i mean. it just looks TOO much like their other logos. I know thats the point, but idk. I woulda liked to have seen a beer barrel like you said you tried.

St. Louis - very nice. Maybe doesn't need the underline swoosh thing - kinda combines two eras, modern and classic. focus on classic more so remove the underline and maybe a tiny bit more detail on the arch. just like a white highlight or something. (EDIT - just read your post explaining the underline.. try making it wavy then to look like a river... that'd be REALLY cool.. and arch and under it a wavy river - that'd be better than just the underline)

awesome job i'm loving this project of yours

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Alright, I forced myself to come up with a new Brewers alt depicting a beer barrel. I worked longer on it then I care to admit, and am still undecided on two possibilities, so I will just post both. To be honest, I think the detail in this approaches primary logo territory, but you may be the judge.



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