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MLB.com new look...


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It's a very "busy" site - lots of 'flash movies' etc etc.

Noted only slight differences - but they are there.

Anybody see the Argile-faded Hats on the right side being advertised/sold??? FUGLY - damd FUGLY.

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Remember the days of the old 'SLE'? You can click the link from Chris' old site version.

Oh man, I truly missed it... I love all its downloads... www.thesle.com was its domain.

I hate the MLB design. I hate even more that they force all 30 teams to use the same template. Remember when team sites had their own identity. That was cool.

I agree 101% with you. I remember the old redsox.com and sfgiants.com; those domains featured distinctive design in its websites.

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