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Have you ever gone to a sporting event when somthing memorable has happened? For example I'll list all the games I've gone to that something big happened, or was big.

I was there for Gretzky's last game in Canada vs. the Sens

I was there when Denis Hamel was sent flying by Dion Phaneuf

I was there for Spezza's amazing goal in OT vs. The Habs

I'm sure there is many more things I have witnessed, but this is all the time I have right now.

So tell me have you ever been to a game where something happend that was on the highlight reel for a while or something unbelievable?

I was there for the game after the Sabres/Sens Brawl.

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I was there for the game at the Palace when A.I. made his memorable Practice speech for coming off the bench.

I was at the 2nd to last HNIC at Maple Leaf Gardens.

I will be at WM 23 this Sunday!


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• Roger Clemens' 20 strikeout game vs. Detroit in '96

• Final game at Tiger Stadium

• Michigan Panthers USFL championship

• Final game at Comiskey Park

• many others that have significance to me, but not too many other people

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I was at an interleague game in the Bronx featuring Roger Clemens' first-ever pitching appearance against Barry Bonds.

I saw Andre Reed pass Art Monk for second on the all-time receptions list

I watched Michael Jordan score less than 10 points in a game (all of five! against the Cavs!) for the first time in a decade.

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I was in the building for the Duke- Kentucky regional final in 92

I was there for Mike Schmidt's final home run #548

I also saw Doug Drabek no hit the Phillies for 8 2/3 innings

In the park for the 15-14 World Series game in 93

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I was there when the Seahawks clinched their first conference championship, and still have a jar of confetti from the game.

As a young kid, I was there for the 76 Olympic games, and saw the 100 meter finals (the world's fastest man as they say). A sprinter from Trinidad and Tobago won and the people from Trinidad in the village were partying up a storm, after the event was over.

I saw the Jays clinch the AL East in 92, I had great seats for that one.

I saw the Jays clinch their first ever league pennant against Oakland in 1992, my seats were terrible, but the chants of "Rick-eeeee", when Ricky Henderson muffed a ball in the first inning, was priceless. I remember running into Tom Henke at the Skydome bar after the game. Henke was stunned the bar was empty after such a great feat. I had to explainto him, that to the average consumer the beer at the Skydome tavern was waaaaaaaaaay too expensive.

I saw Ichiro break George Sisler's hit record at Safeco Field.

I saw Kevin Gross throw a no-hitter in Dodger stadium.

I saw the first world series grand slam ever hit outside of the US. Alas, it was Lonnie Smith who hit it, against my beloved Blue Jays. I still curse the day I chose to buy game 5 tickets instead of game 3 tickets in 1992, because as Jays fans can tell you, game 3 was legendary.

I was at the last home opener ever played in Toronto's Exhibition Stadium.

I saw Al Oliver hit the game winning hit, to life the Jays past the Royals in the first ever extra-inning playoff game ever played outside the US, and the second ever playoff game ever played outside the US in history.

I saw Shaun Alexander score six touchdowns in one half of football and in another game I once saw him put 266 yards up on the Oakland Raiders (franchise record).

I was permitted to visit Seahawks Stadium during construction many times due a contact at First and Goal and some contacts at FieldTurf. I watched the FieldTurf get laid down, the video boards go up, and witnessed the official "launch" of the stadium at the press conference.

I once attended a Mike Holmgren press conference at Seahawk HQ, the day before the NFL draft. My cell phone went off during the conference, and Mike was angry, I had no idea the standard rule was to turn all cell phones off for press conferences. I also had no idea anyone would call me, my wife was calling me to tell me she was watching the press conference "on TV". She literally watched as Mike complained about her calling.

I saw the Toronto Blizzard clinch a berth into the NASL finals. I saw the Blizzard lose the final against the Chicago Sting, a week later. I was on the pitch, during the riot that ensued after the game.

I once saw Roger Clemens duel Jack Morris from row 1, above the visiting team dugout. No record breaker here, I am just proud I can make that claim. Jack Morris won the game, but it was a gritty pitcher's duel all the way.

I once saw a streaker run across Tiger stadium during a Joe Carter at bat. Joe was laughing so hard, he swung wildly at the next pitch for a strikeout. I learned that streakers are given some nasty punches by Detroit cops, the poor drunk was beaten pretty badly after he was gang-tackled.

I was once at a Pirates vs. Braves game in Fulton County stadium, where the stadium caught fire. It was no big deal, but the flames were visible and an entire section had to be evacuated.

I've seen the one and only football game played in Safeco Field, it was a bowl game between the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets against the Stanford Cardinals.

I once sat in the master control room, at the satellite truck for a Grey Cup game in Calgary, between Montreal and Edmonton. I sat there as the lone Alouettes fan, while a truck full of Albertans jeered and mocked the Alouettes for the entire game.

I once watched a capacity crowd at Azteca stadium, for a match between Pumas Universidad vs. Aguilas de America. It was awesome. The crowd was 100,000, the singing and spirit was tangible and inspiring and the match was a thriller, ending in a 1-1 draw, after a late goal from America.

As you can see, I've been a sports freak forever.

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Was on hand the night Lenny Wilkens became the most losing-ist coach in NBA history.

LaBron James's first NBA game in Canada.

First game of the 50th anniversary season for the Ontatio Hockey League champs the Peterborough Petes last season (the night they also unvailed their 50th anni 3rd jerseys).

I do believe that is about it...

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I was there for:

- Tom Dempsey's 63-yard FG (Nov 1970)

- Archie Manning's Saints debut (Sept 1971)

- Super Bowl VI (Cowboys over Dolphins, Jan 1972)

- The '76 Pro Bowl (Ray Guy of the Raiders hit the Superdome's overhead replay screens with a punt)

- The Saints' first playoff victory (Dec 2000)

- The Saints' return to the Superdome after Katrina (Sept 2006)

That's all that come to mind at the moment. And had I not turned down a pair of FREE Braves tickets a couple of years ago, I would've been there for Randy Johnson's perfect game...the 17th in MLB history. :cursing:

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I was at Busch Stadium on Easter Sunday last year when Pujols hit 3 home runs, including the walk off monster against the Reds.

I was also there when Ozzie Smith had some kind of stolen base milestone, I'm not sure what it was, and I was really young.

I also saw Mark McGwuire's last at bat.

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I've been to many games, but here's the toppers:

- I was at (worked) the Final Game at the old Busch Stadium

(What's kinda cool is my Dad was at the very first game there. I actually wrote this on the wall inside Busch before demolition. All my fellow workers who saw it thought it was very cool and very special to know.)

- I was at (worked) the first Game (Exhibition: Springfield vs Memphis) at the New Busch Stadium

(This time, my dad was there, too. Which makes the situation: He was at the first game at Old Busch, I was at the last game at Old Busch, and we were both at the first game at New Busch. Something special that I can say. The Cardinals have always been a constant love in my family, and something I've always enjoyed sharing with my dad, and my brothers, sister, mom, and all relatives, too. So that whole situation will be something I'll cherish, both now, and once my dad passes, which hopefully won't be for a very long time.)

- I was also at (worked) the first official game at the New Busch (STL vs Milwaukee)

- I was at (worked) all the Playoff and World Series games last fall at Busch Stadium, including getting to see: The Cardinals Win Their 10th World Championship! :D

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Woah, my dad was at the first game of the old Busch Stadium too! Me and my dad were both at the exhibition game as well!

No better Father/Son (sons in my case since I have 3 brothers) bonding time than a St. Louis Cardinals game. :D

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No doubt man! Me and my dad go pretty much every year on my birthday, but this year my fathers day gift for him are tickets to the Cubs-Cards game at Wrigley, the game is on the day before my birthday.

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