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IIHF team uniforms


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Well I was taking a look at some of the pictures from the New Zealand U-18 team and their trip to China for the IIHF Division 3 World Champs and took a look at some of the team uniforms. I was kind of surprised to see that Spain ahs those Nike Swifts. Anywho, here are the links for the pics:

NZ Vs. Spain

NZ vs. China

NZ vs. South Africa

NZ. vs. Iceland

NZ. vs. Turkey

I'll see if I can get more pictures from the other games of the NZ national Women's team who are in Romania in the Division 4. They are competeing against Croatia, Romania, Iceland, Turkey and Estonia. If anyone else has some up to date national team uniforms from the sort of lower nations, I would love to see them.

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Saw on the Hockey Canada website in the photos that China is now wearing the Nike Swifts. Does anyone know if Nike is actually planning on doing every IIHF nation in the Swift style at some point? I'd sned a link for the pics from the Chinese team but the Hockey Canada website isn't working for me right now.

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