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NCAA Riddell Helmets


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nice work as always, axl - one minor thing though - oregon wears black facemasks, not green.

Maybe a slight hint of suggestion at how "the O's" helmets should look...? :D

Out-doggone-standing axl. THIS is the level one day I hope to get to with my vectoring.

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Amazing, as is everything of yours that I have seen. Where do you find pictures with such small detail? I went through pages and pages of google images for the helmets I did. The one I used was huge, but you still couldn't see all the details like in these helmets you did. Great job, as usual.

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Nice job of the helmets as usual. Are you planning on doing any throwback facemasks or any throwback helmets ie the RK throwback helmets? I'd love to see them.



He already did some:


Thanks for remembering. I don't really like those anymore and I am going to try some more. Got some good pics from Helmet Hut(love that site).


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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