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International baseball changes - update report


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Ive decided to go with the BDugan template, because I felt it got my ideas across better, and plus they adapted well to being converted to GIF files which take up less storage space on tripod.

All but the european teams have been done thus far, and Ive taken the liberties of cutting down on those yellow road uniforms, with Jamaica being the only one left with yellow road unis.

which leads me to this. Here is my Italy concept that I currently have up. My question is this: when I upload the new template for it, should I keep the powder blue road uni or go with the traditional gray? Id really appreciate any feedback I could get.

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I just finished my complete update. all images are now GIFs using the BDugan template.

Argentina and Finland are the only two powder blue road uniforms now, with of course Jamaica being the only yellow  :P  road uni.

Brazil, Italy, and Sweden all have gray road unis now, and Sweden has a new hat logo.

new shoulder logos for Australia, Mexico, and Taiwan

new script designs for New Zealand and Taiwan (my favorite one, gotta love the chinese characters)

and logos on the stirrups for France (fleur de leis) and Ireland (shamrock). the sleeve striping for ireland has also been fixed so that green is over orange  :;):

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anyways I just added baseball unis for Cambodia and Mongolia. on the cambodian uni, the script may look like sloppy scribble scrabble, but that is the country's name in the native writing. Im very happy how the mongol uni turned out though.

while I was at it I also added a hockey uniform for Cambodia and rearranged the layout so Israel is in Asia where it belongs.


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