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Colorado Invaders Baseball


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Its me again, this time I am posting my first baseball concept using inksacpe

as you know inksacpe files are in .svg format and i can't upload it too my photobucket account. So, i just converted it to .png format and it turned out nice but i am wondering if theres a way to get it on here in svg formt w/o spending any money.

Any way back to the accual concept. This started as a fantisy football team with a crappy hand drawn logo. I put in a request a LONG LONG time ago to victorize my logo. Thankfuly rmered did some great work for me and I'd like to thank him again for his work, but i wasn't likin' where this was going. However I still did a football concept but i did not use the logo rmered did for me (here's a link to the thred its self http://boards.sportslogos.net/index.php?sh...mp;hl=invaders) so now baseball season is here so I decieded to bring the set back with a better more "human" logo and more orginal font

so, with out further adu

the Colorado Invaders


CandC please

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You should probably use white pants with the home jersey. Blue pants don't look good. The front number should be on the other side of the jersey too. Other than that, this looks good. I like the font you used.

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the wordmark looks really crammed on to the jersey...you should give it a little arch - i also wonder why you used a combination of lower case and upper-case letters?...looks weird

the dark blue set is just way too dark...you need something, anything, to lighten it up a bit

gray and blue socks...really?

the "logo" on the hat doesn't look good reversed in white to me, either

this looks like something you threw together in about 5 minutes...take more time to really think it through before posting it

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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