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Los Angeles Slayers


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The start of you logo is very good - I like the name Slayers, morbid and violent, so if it's associated with a game of that nature. If it's a Chess Club or Ping-Pong team, might use softer colors.

I do like the idea of Blue Metalic, Silver & Gold as your choice of colors. However you can play around with that later when you rastor the image.

I think you have a nice start to your logo. Suggestion on your word-text, use a sharp or jagged text to convey the Slayer Theme!!!

Kinda of Reminds me of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles villian, The Shredder. (quote, "What's all that hardware for?", reply, "For making Coleslaw?!!!")


I look forward to your progress and the final concept.

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Guest darkpiranha

I like the design. Different enough from the Centurions one above so long as you avoid the same color scheme. I really don't like the blue and yellow one. And in general, I'd avoid making the helmet the same color as the dominant color of the logo.

I just watched "Gladiator" again recently and always liked Joaquin Phoenix's armor at the end of the movie. It was a combination of bone white, gold, grey/silver, and black. I'd love to see your logo and helmet using this color combination.

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