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Direct TV HD commercial


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It's simple how it is so...poor editing to the movie and ad creation. They edited Sheen (circa 2006-7) into the movie scenes, shot in 1989. Hence why he threw past a left handed batter (1989), cuts away to himself to talk about DirectTV (2006-07), then hits a right handed batter without knowledge of a walk issued (1989).

Even those who do not visit this site but know the movie will be aware of this. May need to be moved to "Sports In General"

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There could have been someone with 9 posts who may have said the same initial comments. Plus, they would have been born in 1992, and never seen, "Major League". Sorry kids, but we have seen similar comments recently. As we have seen, sarcasm is not seen over the net, nor should it should be.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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