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Kitsap Bluejackets Alt. Logo Idea


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Hey folks, just thought i'd share this concept with you, i decided to make an alternate for a local baseball team here in town. basiclly i did this becasue i think their current hat logos just look awful on the hats, so i thought i could improve it (most of all by removing gradients completely, its what makes the logo terrible).

so i would like your input, if its better than the current designs or not, and please give me advice to help me make it better!

C&C please

(as always done by me in MS Paint)


Heres 3 different ideas:


Here's the current logo/design of the team

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I like the top one the best, NWTT. The bottom two remind me of how you would see a train coming at you or something. I just don't like the look of them, but others may feel differently, remember, I'm legally blind in one eye, so take it for what it's worth. Also, I don't think the bottom two could work because you have that light blue shadow as if it were coming from an angle, then you have the B straight on. If you had them maybe skewed or altered somehow so as to fit in better with that light blue shadow, I'd like it more. As for the designs right now, like I said, the top is my favorite, though if you wanted to incorporate more light blue into that one, it may look a little awkward. I'm sure you'll figure something out though, but the top is the best so far, I think.


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