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Chicago Bears wierd numbering


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Dude honestly, did you watch the Super Bowl? The Bears most certainly wore the patch, as both teams have done for the past ten years.

And we may be hard on this guy, but it's warranted to a degree. Newbie or not, you gotta do a little background research before bringing up such a well versed topic. And to think that a screened replica would be correct over the onfield jersey.........


Yes, I did watch the superbowl, those are just regular old pics of Rex Grossman, not necesarily from the super bowl.

Those pics appear to be from the NFC Championship.

I am also a newbie & love this site, & the vets do tend to pile on quickly when someone makes a mistake (present company included). Let's all join hands & sing "We Are the World!"

Some songs have a special meaning for a couple. But when the song already has meaning, that is cheapened.

"We are the world, we are the children."

Yeah, remember that night when I :censored: you in the pet cemetery?

-Mitch Hedberg

"That's our song"

I love that one B)

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No, but that's the first year that color records were kept. Any years prior to the year zero are considered to be B.C. -- Before Color. You should really do some basic research before you ask these kinds of questions. Jesus! The people we have to tolerate around here!

Wait, so wouldn't a black pre-Big Bang Sky be a throwback then? Or a road jersey? My head hurts.

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Done and done.


I'm shocked and appalled. Your usual thorough treatment of all things tinted had to be prodded along, and it's still not complete. What about this alt? :P


Gradients are so 90's, dude.

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As long as Mars doesn't break out those hideous throwbacks, I'm cool.

Give me a break. You mean to tell me that you prefer Mars' present monochrome look?

You, sir, have no taste. P'shaw! P'shaw I say!

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I had a new member on my board question why the "4"s on the front and back of the Bears jersey doesn't match. I thought he was crazy until I actually compare pics and dammitt he was right. lol

And there are two companies that i know of that do the numbering for the Bears. It originates from Ripon but there is another company that does customizations for the Bears as well. I forget their name but they switch names and numbers off the ones received from Ripon.

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