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MLB sigatures


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these are Awsome!

First try with photoshop?? Mad skillz man.

I'd like an indians one with Grady Sizemore please. (Chief wahoo foreground, "Indians" script background.)

Thank You!!!

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These are my first try with photoshop. I'm looking to see what you guys think of these. If there is any demand I'll make one for every team in the league. C and C




I'd love a Miguel Cabrera one

I'd love a Brandon Webb Diamondbacks one too

Great stuff man!

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Teal because that's the color the Marlins should use.



Terrific work!

Could you make a Brandon Webb D'Backs one too?

Keep in my mind that the Dbacks changed their uniforms like two days ago. I´ll try to find a good picture of brandon webb in the new uniforms, but it may take a while. That is of course unless you don´t care if he´s in the old uniforms?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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