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Lexington Riders


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I generally like each uniform on its own, especially the home set. I like your choice of a bright blue.

I'm not pleased with the contrast between the home and road lettering styles, though. It doesn't look planned; it looks like the team was still wearing uniforms designed in the mid 1980s and then they had a professional designer come in and redo only the home uniform. Also not a fan of the fact that the team logo uses still a third lettering style that clashes with the other two not only in terms of letter forms but also in terms of use of color.

But the first thing I would change is the use of the flag on the jerseys. For one thing, this team is supposed to have a certain patriotic vibe, yes? Then you've got a problem: Flag etiquette, as codified in the U.S. Flag Code, strictly prohibits display of the flag on athletic uniforms. Yeah, MLB and other sports leagues violate that rule all the time. That doesn't make it right, especially for uniforms like yours that seem to be trying to appeal to a strongly patriotic aesthetic. Second, the Flag Code also establishes that it is improper to display a soiled, ripped, faded, or otherwise defaced flag. So this uniform desecrates the flag on two entirely independent levels.

Further, that "Betsy Ross" flag was not yet in use at the time of Paul Revere's ride and the battle at Lexington. You could avoid any problems with flag desecration if you'd switch to a more historically accurate flag, such as the Grand Union (Union Jack in the canton instead of field of stars) or a Sons of Liberty banner (thirteen red/white stripes, no canton at all) or a Minuteman banner or something.

Alternately, if you were to ditch the flag entirely and use only elements from it, you would communicate the same message without desecrating the American flag. A ring of 13 stars speaks for itself. Any number of red and white stripes, shown as if waving, says what you mean to say. A simpler, more abstract use of flag elements might also give you a stronger set of icons you could use to tie your uniforms together better.

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