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Scranton Wilkes Barre Yankees


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Yesturday I bought the new SWB Yankees hat and because I like it so much I decided to create a concept for the team with it as the only hat. Their other two hats really suck so I think this is what they should wear. Used the alternate as the primary home and changed the road alittle. To me this is what looks best for them. C+C



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-If you are going to have white trim on sleeves and numbers, you should put it on the script too.

-The SWB logo would work better as a road cap.


I'd "reach out" to the home fans a little bit and use the SWB logo on the chest. That would go better with the parent club's theme too. The Y logo is ok as a home hat (though IMO city monograms are better than nickname monograms, but if you want to use a nickname mono., the home cap would be the place.) The Y logo is pretty cool, so you should def. use it somewhere, so the home cap or maybe a sleeve patch would work.


Use SWB for both caps. Use the Y logo on the home jersey (like you did) and use the SWB on the chest of the road. I actually like that a little better, as the script with the words written in the tail is pretty weak (imho.)

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