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Who are you cheering for


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With the habs out of the playoffs picture, I'm rooting for any team that never won the cup before. Any team except Buffalo because in regards to the past, every single team that won the cup, keeps the same logo and never intends to change it, and I do not want the Buffaslug to become championship material. That's the last thing I need. How about everyone else.

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Canucks, Flames, or Wild. In theory I'd root for the Sabres, but like someone esle said, I don't want to see the Buffaslug on a Stanley Cup Champions banner.

Then again, if the Sabres are in the finals, and they aren't playing one of my three western teams, I'll throw my support behind the Sabres.

As for who I think will win the Cup, I think it'll be Buffalo over Detroit in six games.

and my girlfriend's Canucks in the West.

But if the Canucks win it then a traditional hockey team will have won the Cup and the world will implode :rolleyes:

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Deadthings, other teams don't matter

There. That's perfect. Anyway, I'm rooting for Buffalo out East and everyone BUT Detroit out West. The Dead Things winning the Stanley Cup = The Chicago Cubs winning the World Series (I.E. Not happening in my lifetime AGAIN!)

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Probably Calgary, have never had a beef with them... on the other hand I do enjoy watching the Red Wings and Devils when they make it deep into the playoffs.

Now that Canada's had a couple of runs at the cup, making the finals doesn't seem so critical to me anymore :)

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