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Cubs road and alt


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heh, it finally occurred to me that my template was a little too small, so I've enlarged it a bit.

*ducks tomato*

heh, a girl I knew back in high school's getting married in October...kinda hurts mentally cus I had a shot with her and blew it, but since I'm thinkin of her, today's descrptions wound up goin on a wedding theme. I promise, this time the ivy stays on the outfield walls :D

road jersey


something old, borrowed and blue: colored placket, borrowed from 1909 Cubs road; something old yet new: CHICAGO lettering based on 1990 road wordmark, though since I don't have the exact font on me I used Century Gothic instead and modified the I...oh yeah, instead of a second C, the C-UBS logo is used in the middle. another old thing: the 94-96 mad bear. another something new: the pants use a blue stripe with red piping, and the cap is gray with the mad bear and a blue bill (the current caps wouldn't have gone anywhere, if you're wondering, this is simply an alt cap)

third jersey


something old: sleeveless vest, pioneered by the Cubs but only used for three seasons. blue undershirts with three red stripes on each sleeve also make a comeback, albeit in shorter-sleeved form. red-striped stirrups also come back. something new: the CHICAGO lettering's different, the normal C is in the middle cus I was struck with inspiration: the C-UBS logo is now the first C instead of the second, and the mad bear serves as the O. something borrowed: the blue cap with red front panels, borrowed from the old Braves, Blue Jays, Orioles and Brewers caps. something blue: among other things, the back numbers, undershirt, most of the cap, most of the wordmark, and placket piping.

man I miss her...eh well, fire at will.

*puts on blindfold, sticks pretzel in mouth*

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