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Mets Black-Ditching Alternate Concept


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This is the first concept I've ever attempted, and graphic arts have never been my strong suit, so my proportions and spacing are probably pretty abysmal.


Basically, it's an update of the early-80's pullovers, with a bit of an effort to combine aspects of that with the current alternates.

For some reason I never liked the white wordmark on those old alts, so I went with blue-on-blue, outlining it with the white to make it stand out and dropshadowing with the orange to break things up more. When I did the same to the nameplate and number for consistency's sake, I may have sacrificed readability. I guess that's up to you guys.

Using the racing stripe on the sleeves and pants was pure homage to the '80s teams, and the little Mr. Met logo on the stirrups is just a bit of fun meant to mimic the Phillies' liberty bell. Not that it would matter, as nobody on the team wears stirrups.

Well, let 'er rip, fellas.

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Yeah blue on blue dose not look good maybe have the Mets script in orange will work. In fact I know it will work they briefly had a 3rd like that 1983-1984.

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Okay, here we go.

-White lettering/numerals with orange outline and black drop shadow (to tie in to the white and gray uni's. not my preference, but it creates a more uniformed uniform set.)

-Change the horrific (in general, not your design) huge triple-striping that was used in the 70's/80's. A simple orange piping off the sleeve and down the front like on the white and gray uni's would fit in better.

-The pants would probably be the current white pants they already use, with the single blue piping down the side.

-No Mr. Met on the stirrups.

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I like them generally but I am not a big fan of the blue on blue. I'm assuming you used that in part because you're trying to avoid the color black, so basically if you're going to use a drop shadow the lettering and wordmark have to be blue. I also like the incorporation of Mr. Met on the stirrups but maybe he'd look good on the sleeve instead of the Mets logo patch since it is an alternate?

It's definately a good start.

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