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I was bored one day in class and just kinda drew this out. It's supposed to be vaguely an "A", while at the same time an insect. I'm kinda stuck at the moment, however. Gimme your thoughts, please.


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I think if you move the eyes towards the front it'd look better. Right now they are on the side and it just doesn't look right with the bug trying to see out of the sides of his eyes. If you can get the eyes to be halfway between the front and sides I think that will go a long way.

The nose could use some work as well, but I don't have any suggestion for that. Besides, I think it's workable as is.

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It's looking a little better, but the eyes are still "bugging" me a little :P. I know, I know, stupid little pun there, but in all seriousness to me it looks a like a Blue Stag Beetle:


Notice how the eyes are on top of the head and not to the side, the head is shapped a liitle different, and if you work on the head a little but you should find it easy to fix the eyes.

That's just my 2 cents. I hope I helped a little.

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