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Vancouver Canucks concept


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Nice job elliot, gotta love the vintage blue, green & white. The only thing that i would say it the blue jersey has the white sleeves and it looks like the outline is missing. I assume it was a white outline & when colored in white took it out. Other than that I like it. Never thougth about the grey in the jersey :)

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I would say, not only is this your best concept to date, but the best 'Nucks concept I've seen.

Some things I would fiddle with to see if it can be made even more amazing:

-Making the accent striping on the Home white instead of green, then changing the bit of green on the collar to grey maybe.

-Making the accent striping on the Away grey instead of blue

-Possibly reworking the lines up at the top on the back. There isn't much room for a long name, like many many players have.

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Theres been a lot of Canucks concepts on this board, so I decided to take a shot myself in green/blue. I put in a lot of time developing these so I hope you like them.

C+C please!


Nitpick:There ought to be a C on Naslund's jersey.

Not bad as a combination of new and old, but I think I prefer the brighter blue used in the retro jerseys. One of my main beefs with the existing Canuck's jersey is their dark blues are far too close to being black, though I imagine this is a blue somewhat between that used on the current and retro jerseys? I'm not a great judge of colours though.

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I guess I'll go against the grain and say I'm not to enthralled with the way the grey is used on the jersey, nor am I intrigued by the different colour boxes around the numbers. In fact, the best part of this design in my opinion is the socks.

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