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THE perfect kid name


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COLUMBUS, OH - An Ohio State fan believed the last names of two Buckeyes football coaches would make the perfect first and middle names for his unborn child.

His wife wasn't so sure.

But Brent Huffines' choice won out. The couple named their newborn son Tressel Hayes.

"Tressel Hayes Huffines - sounds as sweet as an OSU victory over Michigan," Brent Huffines, 27, said Sunday while cradling the 3-day-old boy in the neonatal intensive care unit at Ohio State University Medical Center.

Wanting to honor Woody Hayes and Jim Tressel, Huffines suggested the name to his wife, Kattie, before they learned she was having a boy.

"I laughed. I thought he was joking," said Kattie Huffines, 21. "I was shocked to learn he was serious."

At least six Ohio parents have named a child Tressel since 2003, birth records show.

Tressel Hayes Huffines was born a month premature, weighing 5 pounds, 14 ounces. He will remain in the hospital for at least a few days and possibly a few weeks.

"If nothing else, it assures the Buckeye tradition stays in the family," the boy's father said of his son's name. "Can you imagine someone named Tressel Hayes going to Michigan for college?"

Just teach the kid to play sousaphone when he grows up and they'll be all set.
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How about I name my kid after my two favorite Chicago sports figures.

Harey Carey and Dick Butkus

Any objections? I bet the other kids at school would think his name is cool.

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