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Patch on Spurs' Uniforms


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Watching highlights from the Portland-San Antonio game, I noticed some patch on the top of the Spurs home uniforms.

The more I saw it, the more it reminded me of that Latin America patch the Suns wore on their home uniform that had all the various national flags running down the sides.

I found a photo of it on NBA.com, and if you look closely, you can see the same tiny flags running down the sides of the Spurs jersey as well.


The NBA won't put up their daily photo gallery until tomorrow, so hopefully the new shots will show some more detail. I also couldn't find out whether or not it was the same promotion the Suns did.

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Miami did the same promotion earlier this year. It's a league sponsored thing, apparently.

Teams that have large spanish/latin/mexican populations in their area have been wearing that patch for one game this year, to celebrate their hispanic population in the state.

Miami did it. Phoenix did it. San Antonio.

It's an international ploy to bring in more foreign love for the NBA

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