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***NHL*** "FotF" Player Sigs


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I didn't want to steal Echo07's thunder in his NFL "Face of the Franchise" thread, so I figured I'd start a new one, even though I won't have tons of time to do requests, unfortunately. Feel free to request in here, just know that it may take awhile for me to whip them up because of work.

These are obviously done in the same style as his NFL ones, with a couple minor exceptions. C+C appreciated!




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Scott Gomez please. By the way your custom logo looks excellent in the Hejduk sig. Great Job

Edit - I can't believe I called Hejduk, Sakic.

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This one looks a little plain, but it's hard not to when the team doesn't have a wordmark.


I think the stripes that Isles have representing their Stanley Cup victories would work in the empty space.

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